Welcome to my Blog!

I am Simona and since 2013 I have being living in Doha (Qatar) where I am a PhD candidate in Urban Planning at Qatar University.

Why ‘Sustainable Doha’?

Because this site will reflect a broad range of interests and activities related to my PhD research (Sustainable Development, Mega-events, Sustainable Urbanism, Gulf Cities, Urban Regeneration, Legacies).

In 2050 there will be 9 billion people inhabiting the world, 70% of whom will be concentrated in urban areas. Therefore, transforming the cities of today into sustainable cities has become an inevitable course of action. In this context, planning mega events can be the occasion for the transformation of large urban areas that, in the ordinary practice, they would hardly find occasion and means for their implementation. Mega events, from the Olympics to Football World Cups, can be regarded as key drivers for the overall redevelopment of a city. However, while the prospect of economic growth is the driving force for hosting a major event, the legacies that follow their hosting, especially in terms of sustainability urbanism, are difficult to design and quantify. My research intends to investigate the impact of mega sports events on the urban environment, with the aim of promoting forms of sustainable urbanism in Doha. The research findings will drive into a framework made by recommendations, guidelines and best practice for future hosting cities, with specific implications on the strategies of sustainability planning for Qatar 2022.

Please feel to browse, explore and comment constructively as this site slowly builds. Hope you will find something here of interest!


My research is made possible by GSRA grant # GSRA1-1-1119-13007 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation). The findings achieved herein are solely the responsibility of the author.